10 for 1

10 Reasons I moved to the NC High Country


It’s a great morning for my first blog post! I’ve got so many amazing things about life to share, the excitement is killing me!! Let me start off with my newest found love, the NC High Country…

10 Reasons I moved to Boone

  •  1)  I always thought I was a city girl, so I moved to Hotlanta. After six months, I realized I needed to move to somewhere that was completely opposite of thatconcrete, traffic and humidity.
  • 2)  I have dogs! NO better place for hikes, swims, sticks and alllll of the fur friends!
  • 3)  FRESH AIR! I never knew you could breathe so First Blog Postclearly! The air quality here is undeniably pure.
  • 4)  Views – anytime I’m down, I just look outside. The views are beautiful in every direction, you can’t help but smile!
  • 5)  Fewer bugs/insects/spiders, and most importantly, no cockroaches!
  • 6)  Snowboarding!
  • 7)  Blowing Rock, my fairytale town!
  • 8)  Appalachian State University – I had a lot of friends who graduated from ASU, and I wanted their lifestyle.
  • 9)  Grandfather Mountain! A storybook kind of enchanted forest: hemlocks, mossy rock and stone, bears, waterfalls, magic everywhere no doubt…
  • 10)  I fell in love ;p


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